Starcraft – a forgotten epic.

  • by asg_labsadmin

Blizzard entertainment best known for their creation of Warcraft series over the years released a game called StarCraft in March 1998. It was totally opposite to Warcraft and was based on scenarios from the 26th century. The game was one of those real time military strategy comparable to the command and conquer series(Red Alert/Tiberiun Sun). This one had three main species and the player had to play each one to complete the game similar to Warcraft. The species were Terrens(humans), Zerg(insectoid) and highly advanced Protoss(psionic bastards). All fighting for a distant part of the Milky way galaxy. Its sequel Starcraft II -Broodwars was released recently.

Not much complex as Tiberiun Sun in terms of weapons and structures
Great music and storyline
Relocation of buildings possible(if you play Terrans)
Mac version also available

Only one level of upgrade for humans 🙁
No indication for idle SCVs or similar units
No ships

Try it once for sure if you are a strategy game genre fan.
If you like it and think its fairly easy, try going against someone from S Korea !!

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