Joke – Dr Makrand Deshpande

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If you get it then its fine, otherwise take it as a Joke !! This play challenges the traditional beliefs and notions about God and its true form. Hindus in India like many other religions and communities follow the practice of idol worship. The play depicts a writer Sandeep Joshi who gives up his belief in God and starts praying to the fairies that made him happy and content in the childhood. He face opposition from the society and even his wife but his arguments were able to punch through the beliefs of others forcing them to rethink about faith they had in God.

The play is well stirred mix of humor and drama, kind of a seriocomedy. Towards the end it left me thinking about the ways I worship and visualize God. There is more to God than just granting wishes and hurling disasters at us. God is the desire to do the right thing that lives in all of us but is hidden or suppressed. If that desire is on top of everything you do, then I think God is with you !!

Cast : Makrand Deshpande, Nivedita Bhattacharya, Abir Abrar, Hattangadi, Kshitee Jog

You can catch the play at The Prithvi Theater, Juhu, Mumbai. Please inquire about the date and time at Prithvi itself.

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