Jiraiya Sama – The original Sage !!

  • by asg_labsadmin

One of the most comic and interesting characters of the series is Jiraiya. He first appeared in the first series and played a major role in the Shippuden one. He is one of the Three Legendary Sannin of the Hidden Leaf Village teamed with Orochimaru(the bastard) and Tsunade(the Fifth Hokage) who trained under the Third Hokage, Sarutobai. He mastered the Sage mode in an effort to become stronger to impress Tsunade on whom he had a crush. He is capable of summoning toads using the Summoning Jutsu.

He is very similar to Naruto and plays a GodFather for him. He was also the master of the Fourth Hokage, Minito, who was Naruto’s father. He trained Naruto and taught him techniques like the Rasengan. He also did some espionage for the Leaf village concerning the Akatsuki. He later discovers that Akatsuki is led by his former students Nagato and konan(Madara comes later), who kill him as Jiraiya discovered the secret of the six Pains. Pain is how Nagato refers to himself after the events like death of his parents and his dear friend Yahiko.

Jiraiya’s death surely came as a surprise and I am sure every other viewer feels the same. We would have loved to see more of the Ero-Sennin !!

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