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Here comes the catalyst that triggered the next-gen FPS revolution in the gaming industry. Halo known to be one of the best FPS titles ever brought about the revolution in today’s gameplay for First Person Shooters. It proved how different aspects of a game like story and HUD could affect its ingame experience. The series is created by Bungie and published by Microsoft Studios. Four versions of the game Halo:Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3 and Halo:Reach have been released so far. Halo:Wars was also released which is a RTS based game. Halo4 is underdevelopment as of now. The game revolves around humans(of course) represented by the protagonist of the series Master Chief John-117, a cybernetically enhanced soldier, Covenants, descendents of the ForeRunners, and the filthiest of all Flood. Halo btw refers to large heavenly structures in the shapes of rings build by the ForeRunners to combat the Flood. We play to save humanity and stop Flood from spreading.


Weapons are limited, classified on a broad basis. Its either an Automatic, Shotgun, Sniper rifle or Bazooka. We get to keep a sidearm useful at times thanks to its zoom functionality. Grenades are either our human frag grenades or Covenant Plasma(they stick !). You can pick up Needlers, Plasma rifles from the deceased covenents. We are allowed to operate gun turrents(unlimited ammo, oh yeah !). The best part is the variety in vehicles. You get to drive a Warthog as rashly as you like(zero damage :D), crush everyone in a Scorpio tank, drive the Covenent bikes or fly away with their banshees. All in all its great lot of options to interest you.


Great story

Awesome graphics and gameplay

you want more ??


No team/unit to control or work with.

cant of anything else, I love this game!!

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