Are we really evolving ?

  • by asg_labsadmin

Evolution as we may define it is the growth of our species in terms of intellect and understanding of the universe surrounding us. As we advanced from Primates to Neanderthals to Homo Sapiens our intellect grew and we started devising ways to communicate and devise theories about the universe around us. Even our creations, the machines evolved from being a dumb combination of metal components to an intelligent type with its own limited, protocoled mind capable to think and learn.

We created machines to simplify and expedite work of the manual labor, but gradually we are creating machines to replace manual labor. We are advancing in our understanding of ourselves and trying to replicate the Work of God. But what we forget is that even God fears of what it created. We are building robotic machines far more stronger and far more durable that humans, is that not going to reduce value of a human life ?? Same is the case for internet, we sync the term “research” with googling some terms and not with sitting in a library going through books to find what we need. The core idea of research ie finding what we want out of a plethora of information (aka library) is handed to google. We reduce the amount of info that should have been taken in that process by almost one-third. We are becoming more and more dependent on machines and I fear we might just become sort of parasites dependent on the host. So the primary question is are we really evolving or its just a short term illusion ??

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